“The Faith” – Chapter 2

colson-faith1(Sorry for the delay in getting up the next post)

In Chapter 2 Colson builds his case for the faith with the oft-discussed issue of God’s existence, responding to “anti-theists” (his term) such as Sam Harris and Christoper Dawkins.

I lifted Stuart’s comment from the thread below, because I thought he had a good summary and insight about this chapter:  “In chapter 2 Colson talks about the proposition that “God is”, and 3 ways to look at that – logical, irrational, etc. Often times when I encounter people who don’t believe in God, or doubt God, they don’t seem to think of it so much as whether it’s rational or logical or not. More of their problem or disagreement (and why they don’t believe in God) seems to be that they don’t want to be limited or restricted in their freedom of thinking. It boils down to “moral relativism” or “situation ethics”. They don’t want to follow or believe in something that doesn’t allow them to make up their own rules. They don’t even bother with the scientific arguments.” (emphasis added)

I have met many people who don’t want to decide one way or the other, hoping to maintain moral autonomy and the option to pray when they wish.

Do you agree with Colson and Stuart’s experience (that there are more pragmatic atheists than logical atheists)?  Have you found yourself tempted to validate anti-Christian behavior with doubts about God or the gospel?

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