“The Faith” – Chapter 1

Colson begins his book by outlining why it is important to understand “the faith given once, for all.”  The colson-faithlast two millenia have seen Christianity spread across hundreds of cultures and people groups, while still maintaining the heart of “mere Christianity. 

However, Colson sees American Christians as remarkably ignorant of our core historic beliefs, something that opens us up to the twin threats of radical Islam and “anti-theism.” 

As you begin reading this book, how would you rate your understanding of Christianity’s core, historic beliefs?  Do you agree or disagree with Colson about their absolute importance in your life?


  1. John Luther says:

    Pastor Bob!! I’ll be picking up my copy of Chuck’s new book tomorrow. I’m looking forward to discussing it with you.

  2. Stuart Greene says:

    In chapter 2 Colson talks about the proposition that “God is”, and 3 ways to look at that – logical, irrational, etc. Often times when I encounter people who don’t believe in God, or doubt God, they don’t seem to think of it so much as whether it’s rational or logical or not. More of their problem or disagreement (and why they don’t believe in God) seems to be that they don’t want to be limited or restricted in their freedom of thinking. It boils down to “moral relativism” or “situation ethics”. They don’t want to follow or believe in something that doesn’t allow them to make up their own rules. They don’t even bother with the scientific arguments.

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