“The Faith” – Chapter 3

colson-faith2Summary – The Bible is of unparalleled value to the Christian, absolutely true and unrivaled in historic importance.

Favorite quote: “The harder tyrants try to eliminate it and skeptics dismiss it, the better read it becomes.  Voltaire, for example, who passionately sought to erase the Christian influence during the French Revolution, predicted that within a hundred years no one would read the Bible.  When his home was later auctioned off after his death, it was purchased by the French Bible Society.  As one pastor said, the Bible outlives its pallbearers.” (p 56)

A couple links:

– If you’re interested in archaeology, check out the Archaeology Study Bible, which Colson mentions in this chapter.

– Also, you can check out Dr. Todd Bolen’s blog.  He’s an evangelical archaeology professor who keeps up to the minute on archaeology finds.

– If you’re interested in reading more on the Gnostic philosophy Colson talks about here, try Dr. Darell Bock’s blog.  He’s a prof. at Dallas Seminary.