About Bob

I’m the Senior Pastor of Grace Community Church of Seal Beach, where I have served since 2006 on staff.

My primary writing interests are about leadership development, Biblical studies, and how the Christian gospel intersects with life today.

Prior to coming to Grace, I was an intern at St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church (Newport Beach), Bel Air Presbyterian Church (Los Angeles), and First Presbyterian Church (Salinas, CA).

Academically, I went to UCLA (B.A. – History, Political Science, and the Study of Religion), Talbot School of Theology (M.Div., Th.M. in New Testament), and am currently a student at TEDS (D.Min.).

In my free time, I enjoy playing ice hockey (yes, in southern California), spending time with my family, and following my fantasy football teams.

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  1. Gigwriter says:

    One question I am struggling with right now is: why, o why, did God put us in these bodies? Holy Spirit …in DUST…HELLO, what did God expect from THAT combination, Holy creatures like Himself?

    Since we’re just dust and the only good part of us is the Holy Spirit, how are we not supposed to want to commit suicide? What is the purpose of being stuck in these sinful, worthless sacks of flesh? How can He blame us for simply being what is our nature, i.e. damnably wicked? HE made us this way! And then sacrificed Himself to save us from ourselves…why all the drama?

    If I could choose between Heaven and never having existed at all, I would choose the latter. Life as a human being in this horrible human-run world is wretched enough to make me wonder how Heaven could possibly make up for it.

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