“That Hideous Strength” by C.S. Lewis

The Good: Lewis dubbed this a fairy tale for grown-ups.  He delivered.  It’s fantasy, certainly, but a brilliant portrayal of the effect of ideas.  The narrative moves briskly (after a slow start), and many chapters leaving me saying, “Wow” at the end of them.  Easy to find in paperback, and cheap, too.
The Bad: The aforementioned slow start.  His generous use of biblical and literature allusions will leave some more confused than riveted.  Some parts of the text are seen to be mildly chauvinistic.

The Grade:  A- (Sure to read again at some point, docked points only for the slow start)


Being a pastor, the easiest part of Facebook to fill out should be the “Religion” field.  I simply put “Christian.”  Little did I know that there would be such diversity among my friends and family among how to accurately represent themselves in this important area of life.  Among those who all go to the same church I found the suggestions, “Protestant,” “Presbyterian,” (though we’re not actually at a Presbyterian church) “Christ follower,” “God lover,” and many others.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing?  Does it reflect a yearning to convey our strong conviction, something that the generic “Christian” might not?  Or is this simply our generation’s discomfort with titles showing itself again?  Christians have been called such for 2000 years.  Does holding the title show solidarity with the past, or simply a lack of creativity on our part?