Why make major changes when it still works?

This is one of the major objections every leader runs into, and one Domino’s pizza has had to deal with.  Their market share of the pizza market is huge, despite the fact that they consistently rank last or next to last in taste tests.

By now you’ve probably seen the aggressive ad campaign they’ve put together highlighting their new pizza.   As the OC register said, they’re not calling it “New and improved,” but rather “New and improved, because our old pizza sucked.”  Domino’s didn’t have to change its pizza.  The old one sold fine.  But they sensed that improving it would help them fulfill their mission.

Would a church do that?   Sometimes, but more often not.  Let’s take Domino’s example.  Don’t wait until the budget forces you to make a better pizza.  Do it because you care about the mission.

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