What do you want your small group to be?

One of the challenging this about my role as a pastor was coming into a small group that already existed, but then being thrust into the role of “leader.”  As a young, insecure leader, I felt like I needed to provide strong leadership and teaching.   I didn’t think that I could expect the group to share responsibility.  I definitely fell into the provider/consumer temptation.

Crawling out of that has been a challenge, but I’m working on it.  One thing we’re doing is sharing responsibility for deciding what we want to be as a group.  We’re using Cloud, Townsend, and Donahue’s resource ReGroup (DVD) for this.  The production quality isn’t great, but the idea is.  It gives everyone (not just the leader/pastor) a context to think about what a group could be, and what each of responsibility is in that.  It’s four full length sessions, plus 13 5-minute drama vignettes for ongoing skills development as a group.

Overall: Solid resource for adult small groups, especially ones that have been going for a while and want some self-evaluation.  Probably a bit slow for experienced group leaders looking for training, or for youth small groups.

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