Helpful statements condemning white supremacy

Over the last few days, I’ve struggled with what to say about Charlottesville. I am only a beginner in understanding the issues of race in this country. So, rather than write something, I’m going to share some of the statements I’ve found helpful:
Menlo Church (John Ortberg) –

Racism and movements of white supremacy are evil and God-grieving because they violate God’s intent for salvation; they deny the image of God, they belittle the worth He has implanted in every human being, they sow seeds of anger and fear and confusion, they spit in the face of the One who was crucified for all human beings.

And so we pray; we mourn and grieve, we work and strive, we repent and learn and act. We follow Jesus. Salvation belongs to our God.

My concern about these statements is that they are all from the perspective of those who also white males. I’d love to hear from your articles that you’ve found helpful.

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