Mentoring Group for Young Men – Fridays at 7 am in Seal Beach

Mentoring Group Purpose: To prepare young men to be leaders for Christ in the church and in their homes. 


Commitment: To meet once a week on Friday mornings from 7-8 am at Crema Cafe in Seal Beach for one year. 


Participants: A group of 4-6 men in their 20’s and 30’s who want to grow as leaders in the church and their families.  While previous leadership at Grace Seal Beach is not necessary, participants will need to be members of GCCSB during the duration of the group.  Both single and married men are encouraged to participate. 




1. Reading – During the course of the year, we will read both books and articles together, and being prepared to discuss the reading is a necessary part of the group. The participants will be expected to read one chapter per week (about 15 minutes).  


2. Scripture – Each week when we meet we’ll work through the Scripture passage of the coming week’s sermon together.  In preparation for this, each member will have read, meditated upon, and prayed through the passage.  More on how to do this will be covered in the first couple meetings together. (about 45 minutes)


3. Sermon evaluation – Each member will evaluate the previous Sunday’s sermon using a form I’ll give you.  If you cannot be at church on Sunday, you’ll be expected to listen to the recording from the church website (no significant time commitment beyond church attendance). 


Group rules: 

1. Availability – This group isn’t for everyone, as it does have a specific purpose and time commitment expectation.  If you aren’t able to make the commitment this year, hold off until a future time.  


2. Faithfulness – We’ll meet about 48 times during 2011 (no meetings on 1/20, 8/3, 8/10, 11/23).  If you expect to miss more than 6-7 of these 48, this probably isn’t the year for you to take on this commitment. 


3. Honesty/Confidentifality – This is more than just a teaching group – it’s about sharing life together with a team of brothers. If you don’t want to share anything or if you don’t think you can keep other’s confidence, this isn’t the group for you.  Note: If you violate the confidence of other guys in the group, you’ll be asked to not come back. 


4. Teachable – I’m sure I’ll learn a ton from you during the course of the year, but if you don’t expect to learn from me, too, then why bother being a part of this group? 




1. Why do you want to be a part of this group?  What are you hoping to get out of participating? 
2. What concerns you about participating?  Do you have any hesitations about the expectations and commitment? 
3. How do you see a group like this helping to prepare you to a be a leader in Christ’s church? 


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